Cabinet reviews COVID-19 situation in the state

ITANAGAR, May 23: The State Cabinet, headed by Chief Minister Pema Khandu, on Friday last reviewed the status of COVID19 situation including status of oxygen beds, PSA plants, medicines, vaccine procurement and vaccination and steps taken to fight the pandemic in the state.

It was decided that work on achieving the target of 1000 oxygen beds within a definite  timeline has to be expedited. Khandu directed the district administrations to evolve a mechanism at district and sub-division levels to assist registration for vaccination of all eligible population, especially in rural areas. He insisted on vaccination of all registered persons.

Convening a virtual Cabinet meeting, Khandu said that while the focus of the government is on fighting the pandemic, other works should also continue.

Reviewing the status of Package B and C of the 4-lane highway (NH 415) from Papunallah to Nirjuli (B) and Nirjuli to Banderdewa (C), the Cabinet approved the proposal for providing demolition cost as incentive for both the packages and payment of land compensation for construction of Via-Duct over river  Dikrong at Kolma.

As per the decision, compensation will be disbursed by District Administration after due verification. It also mentioned that the District Administration shall be solely responsible for any anomalies in this regard.

It was also decided that for self-demolition of structures on the ROW, the policy of the government on demolition charges in Package – A may be applied for both the packages. Khandu insisted that the land for Package C be handed over to the Highway Department within 7 days so that the contractor can start work on the ground at the earliest.

The Cabinet further approved for contribution of revenue from sale of 1% free power from the 12% share of State Govt from Ranganadi HEP (405 MW) to Local Area Development Fund (LADF) with effect from 1.04.2020.

In another development, the Cabinet decided to allot the New Melling HEP (90MW) to NEEPCO in pursuance of the National Hydro Policy and Arunachal Pradesh Hydro Policy.  The free power to the State will be 12% with additional 1% for LADF.The state government will also allocate 1% from its free power allocation for LADF.

The Cabinet however stated that while signing the MoU with NEEPCO, a condition should be added that project work shall commence at the ground within two years of the signing date.This can be extended for a period of one year for reasons to be recorded in writing, and in case of failure of commencement of work at the ground within three year period the said MoU shall be deemed cancelled.

The Cabinet has asked the Land Management department to examine the utility of the Jhum Land Regulation 1947 in the present times and bring out a uniform policy for land acquisition, including the amended ‘Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in ‘Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013’ and the rules made thereunder.

Other decisions made by the Cabinet include shifting of Kra-Daadi district headquarters from Jamin to Palin, up-gradation of Gepen CO Headquarter to ADC Headquarter under Kamle district and up-gradation of EAC Hdq Pangin to Independent ADC Hdq under Siang district by diverting the existing ADC post of Boleng.

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