Road leading toward Sange laden sports academy dire need of repairing and maintenance

ITANAGAR, MAY 23: The road leading toward Sange laden Sports academy and sports complex located at Chimpu is in bad shape and needs immediate attention of the state government.

A local resident informed that the sports academy is the only sports academy of state with a centre of excellence announced by the central government by the Union Minister of Sports & Youth Affairs almost a year back but we do not see any major change in the area. However the process of development may be in file and it may take more time to be visible in proper shape and size on the ground. he said.

The locals said that the road connect the major sports institution of state and directorate of Sports, Directorate of Youth Affairs, Sports Authority of Arunachal Pradesh and a under construction outdoor stadium and apart of all those there are more than two thousand population residing in the vicinity of the area who also use the said road but due to pathetic Condition of road the locals and other have to face lots of untold suffering. He added.

As per information we have informed that the bridge near the Chimpu market may be constructed as the present one is in bad shape and few meter of the road has been converted into CC Pavement but most of the portion till Sports academy and boys hostel and other infrastructure remain in bad shape. Another local resident said adding that repairing also takes place but the condition of the said road remain all the time and appeal the state government to take the said stretch as a priority road and instruct necessary order for repairing and maintenance of the road even during the Covid pandemic as the traffic is almost nil as all the education and other institution are close.

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