CoSAAP appeal the state government to resolve the regular salary to MTS and nurses

NAHARLAGUN, More than 330 employees working under the directorate of family welfare under the health department are not getting their salaries on time. The employees include MTS, peons, nurses, doctors. A group of nurses on Wednesday called on Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) members and appraised their problem.

Later talking to press CoSAAP president Patey Marik urged state government to look into the grievances of the employees.  “The problem started from 2019 July with the introduction of PFMS mode of payment.  The salary is drawn from the plan head and released through PFMS. The process is too lengthy and it results in delay sometimes upto 5 months. This is causing immense pain to the employees,” he said.

The CoSAAP president requested state government to find ways to address problem as soon as possible. “Either state government should shorten the process of releasing salary or keep corpus from state source and pay salary from it. The situation is going from bad to worse. The employees are suffering a lot and anger is growing,” he added.

Further he informed that the problem has been apprised to senior officials of the health department but till now there is no outcome.

One of the nurses while talking to the press appealed to the Chief Minister Pema Khandu to personally look into the matter and speaks of several untold suffering during the Covid 19 pandemic and still managing the hospital’s services and patients but delay of salary in time has resulted in several problems. She said. 

“We have tried our best to resolve the matter with the health department. But so far, no solution has come out. We will be left with no option but to resort to no pay no work if the problem continues. From the district we are getting a lot of pressure,” she said. 

Some of the nurses are on the verge of retirement. “In our entire service length, we never faced such a problem. We are all regular government employees. Only in the last 3 years has this problem cropped up. How can the government expect us to work sincerely when we are not getting our salary on time,” she questioned? 

She alleged that even during the Corona period nurses were not paid salaries on time.

We don’t want such a problem in 2022 any more or else there is no option but all the employees will have to join democratic movement and even can work as daily wage earners in the capital complex. She added. 

We hope that the CoSAAP being our patent organization and we are in state capital to apprise and support us for a resolution and explained several meeting with senior officers of the health, Family department directorate and senior officers and even to Chief Minister but result is null and we appeal the chief minister Pema Khandu and health minister  Alo LIbang to immediately consider our genuine grievances which we have been facing for last couple of years.  

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