De addiction center run by DATS and Parivartan Trust celebrated its 1st foundation day, Capital SP Chiram, JT DHS Dr. R Rina and Oli Koyu appeal all section of society to join hands in fight against drug

ITANAGAR, JUNE 26 ; The De-addiction center run by Dopum Abu Tayang society (DATS) and Parivartan Trust here at Chimpu celebrated its 1st foundation day in befitting manager with day long programs and participation of several stake holders here at its Chimpu Campus.

Several eminent personality of various parts of state, including officers form various department of state government and administration takes part and share their views, suggestion and advice. The technical officers and professionals dealing with drug reduction, consumption and production , chain supply and other issues related also shared their views, dos and donts and effect on health of youth and society and its impact on economy of  family.

State Nodal officer of Health & family welfare department, Dr R Rina, state nodal officer of department of Narcotic Oli Koyu, Capital SP Jimmy Chiram, Chimpu Police station OC Inspector Takhe Tasso, Dopum Abo Tayang Society (DATS) Chairperson Yorum Tari, Parivartan Trust Programme Head Dilip Gaonkar, Parivartan Trust Psychiatrist Dr. Nilesh Mohite, Porgramme coordinator Purna Chandra Pawe, Dimbeswer Pegu and other adders the occasion.

As per statement made by Dr. R RIna the drug addiction among the youth is high and its in vulnerable stage and  its high time that all stake holders have to join hands together in fight against the deadly drug and also extend support and help to the agency involved in the mission so that the demand, supply and supply chain is stopped and also the health workers and social workers engaged in providing health issued to the addicted youths and also to rehabilitate them so that they come out of the deadly disease and become a fine gentle to serve the society. if all section of society does not extend helping hands a time will come that the future of our youths will be in dark and the health of the family and society will be in stake and at the same time no family, community and society will be peace and harmony and development of country will be badly affected.  

Capital SP assured the commitment of state police of war against drug and inform that huge catch of drug and drug substances has been recovered and seized. Large numbers of cases has been registered in various police station of capital complex and dozens of people has been arrested.

The APP will continue to fight against the drug peddlers and always try to stop the supply chain and arrest the peddlers and other legal action against. 

Dopum Abo Tayang Society (DATS) Chairperson Yorum Tari in his interaction has informed that I have seen the problems being faced by the parents of the addicted son and daughter and it’s a horrible scene. What I have initiated through this drug de addiction centre is very small and it’s a beginning. I will try my best effort to serve the society and humanity in the greater interest of public service. He said.

My investment is very small in compare to the present demand but I can do some better if the state government and people who have plan to join the war against drug can share their helping hands in the service to the humanity and service to mankind. Yorum Tari added. 

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