Main water supply pipeline of Itanagar city damaged near Poma,  restoration work began may takes 5 days

ITANAGAR, JUNE 27 :  The main water supply pipeline 450 mm dia of Itanagar capital city coming form Poma area has been damaged due to massive landslide caused due to flash flood near Poma village in Sangdupota circle due to which the water supply to the capital city has been badly affected which may continue for a week.

The team of officers and officials led by Itanagar PHED Executive Engineer Tadar Mangku today carried out inspection to locate the fault and reason of the damaged and find that the landslide has taken place at multiple location in a stretch of 9-10 KM in the river intake point area. Our staffs and fitters are since early morning are in the jungle and river side location and trying to locate faults but the major fault has been detected around 1.5 KM distance form Poma village. He said.

It has been observed that a major landslide has taken place triggered by heavy downpour and flash flood and due to which a portion of more than 300 mtrs has been submerged by landslide and mudslide and it has been submerged more than 3 meter depth so the pipeline has to be realigned and also the landslide has to be cleared form the roadside. He said.

Though clearing of debris has began which may take time and at the same time realignment may also take time for not less than 5 days. However maximum numbers of man and machine and JCB and folk land is being deployed so that the work is cleared. However if heavy rain continue the work may be affected. Said PHED EE Mangku.

Till the restoration work is not completed the city dwellers may not received the water supply through PHED pipelines. However the Senkiview water treatment plant which was also affected has been repaired and restored and some part of Itanagar city may received water supply. Some part of Itanagar city may not received water like of Gopur TInali, Vivek Vihar, Chandanagar, Chimpu, H Sector, RK Mission area. He said.

Till such time the PHED will pressed water tanker and the city dweller may inform the PHED enquiry in case need water form tanker. Four tankers has been arranged for the purpose. He appeal the denizens to bear with the inconvenient caused due to  damaged of water supply. EE Mangku added.

He also appeal the denizens to tap rain water which also may be utilized for many purpose at home and everywhere. 

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