Demand for repair of road Model village to Nirjuli gets louder

ITANAGAR, The residents of I-Borum Zilla Segment are  irked by the dilapidated road leading from the Model village to Nirjuli to the Kolma village road of NH-415 and have been demanding its repair for a very long time. 

Ruing over the condition of the said road, the ZPM of l-Borum Zilla Segment in a statement said that the road leading to Model village Nirjuli to Kolma village road of NH-415 is in pathetic condition, causing a lot of problems for the people of the Itanagar capital region.

The ZPM, Tok Tama, while raising the issue, urged the government to immediately impress upon the concerned department to carry out the maintenance work of the road.

In the name of national highway construction, the authority is deliberately making people face hardships by not taking on the maintenance work of the dilapidated road from Model village to Kolma village in particular and ICR as a whole, the statement added.

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