Deputy Commissioner Calls Meeting to Enhance Education Quality in Tawang District

Deputy Commissioner of Tawang, Kanki Darang, took a significant step towards improving the quality of education in the district by organizing a meeting with adopters and teacher in-charges from government schools in Tawang and Kyidphel block. The meeting was held at the Government Town Secondary School in Tawang this afternoon.

During the meeting, Deputy Commissioner Kanki Darang highlighted the importance of fostering a strong relationship between adopters and teacher in-charges. He emphasized that open communication between these parties would prevent any feelings of jurisdiction intrusion, ensuring a harmonious and supportive environment for education. Furthermore, he encouraged adopters to visit their respective adopted schools at least once a month, demonstrating their commitment to the schools’ development.

Addressing the teachers, he urged them to maintain regular communication with the adopters, especially regarding the attendance of students. By doing so, adopters can reach out to parents and ensure consistent attendance, which is crucial for academic success. Additionally, Deputy Commissioner Darang advised teachers to reinforce lessons through repetition and assign homework to students, citing that “repetition is the mother of learning.” Furthermore, he stressed the significance of memorizing multiplication tables and promoting English language proficiency to enhance communication and social interaction skills.

DDSE Tawang, Hridhar Phuntso, expressed his gratitude to Deputy Commissioner Darang for his personal initiatives in elevating the quality of education in the district. Acknowledging the role of adopters, he emphasized the need to rethink, redesign, and rebuild the approach to education, aiming for continuous improvement.

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