Several school in state including capital complex close down in view of viral conjunctivitis

Manoj Singh || ITANAGAR, JULY 24 : Schools primary level to middle school level has been close down I various parts of state including capital complex area has been closed down due to spread of viral conjunctivitis among the students. 

Speaking to media, Itanagar capital complex Deputy commissioner Talo Potom inform that report of spread of conjunctivitis among the students has been received today from many schools in last five days. On the basis of report submitted a meeting was held and discussed the matter and find that the small childrens are been affected and the viral eye disease is being spreading in the capital complex. He said.

After the visit of the district surveillance unit (DSC ICC Team) visited to many schools in Itanagar capital complex region (ICR) for survey and awareness being done. It has been found that the viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious and spread fast in groups irrespective of any age group. Therefore a n advisory has been issued for isolation and treatment to all affected individuals. He said.

To brake the chain of infection among the school children’s need five to seven days, the education department and medial department has recommended for closure down of schools. DC said.

In view of above facts and circumstances of spread of conjunctivitis at various schools of capital complex rapidly and to break down the chain of transmission and to contain the spread among the students community and among the denizens of capital complex, all schools from Nursery to middles schools is ordered to close down inducing government and private schools for five days from July 25 to 29. Said DC Talo Potom.

He appeal the school authority to ensure that the infection is not transmitted among the students community and teaching fraternity anymore and shut down the school for the safety of the small childrens form the viral disease. Added Capital DC Potom.

As per information, 81 cases has been reported form Abo Tani vidya Niketan, Pachin colony Naharlagun, 72 cases has been reported form VKV Vihar, Itanagar and 20 cases has been reported form DPS Jullang, Itanagar. DC further said.

Meanwhile, several district administration has also close down due to going red over pink eyes (conjunvtivitis). 

Monsoon brings in several communicable diseases as moisture and heat are conducive for the growth of the micro organisms. There have been out breaks of viral conjunctivitis in many parts of India in this few days in the monsoon season.

The pink eye or eye flu, known to doctors as conjunctivitis, is basically inflammation of the conjunctiva—a thin, transparent mucous membrane that covers the white part of the eyeball. This inflammation causes blood vessels to become engorged, which is what makes eyes looks red or pink. 

As per Capital District medical officer Dr. Mandip Perme the Viral conjunctivitis are highly contagious but they are self limiting. It usually takes about 5-7 days or a week to get rid of the symptoms. 

Some important tips to be needed to get rid of such viral disease are by maintaining good personal hygiene is the key, wash hands frequently. Use hand sanitisers, especially in public places, In case of itching or irritation, wash your eyes frequently with clean water, Avoid touching your eyes frequently, do not share towels, handkerchiefs or bedding, avoid contact lens in case someone is using and use sun glasses  etc, Do not self medicate and consult medical practitioner or doctors, avoid public places, busy markets and busy places where movement of masses are reported. 

It is to mention that the spared of disease was reported from KImin township of Ppaum Pare district where large numbers of students and general public was infected by the viral conjunctivitis and few schools were close down for few days. 


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