Executive Magistrate directed individuals to cleared the debris from NH-415 within a week or else face legal action

ITANAGAR, JUNE 3 : The Executive Magistrate, Itanagar Neelam Teji has directed the individuals to cleared the debris lying on the National Highway (NH-415) due to rampant earth cutting and landslide within seven days or else face legal action.

EAC Itanagar Neelam Teji alongwith Highway engineer and other has visited the National Highway-415 near daily market area in Chimpu onway to Hollongi where a portion of road has been blockdge due to landslide and mudslide due to earth cutting on the upper parts of hillside of the road Teji find that due to illigal earth cutting activities a culvert has also been chocked and such activities will lead to damage of road formation width and five individual has been directed to cleared the slushy mud from the road surface and also cleared the chocked culvert, drain and its outlet within seven days. Teji added.

Teji informed that the Deputy commissioner cum District Magistrate Talo Potom has also issued and executive order to stop any such illigal earth cutting activities in the capital complex with immediate effect or legal action may be initiated.

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