No shopkeeper will allow to open their shops without test report and vaccination report card

ITANAGAR, Jun 02: The deputy commissioner of the Itanagar capital region (ICR) Talo Potom has announced that no shopkeepers including those selling items on the streets will be allowed to do business when ICR opens post lockdown, if they do not submit Covid 19 test and vaccination report. Talking to the press here on Wednesday DC said only those with Covid 19 negative test reports and vaccination certificates will be allowed to open shops.

“Rapid response team is conducting tests in various parts of ICR. People need to come forward and get tested,” said DC Potom. He also appealed to the people not to crowd the vaccination centre. “As per discussion with the Home Minister and Chief Secretary, we have started two shifts for vaccination. First shift is from 8 am to 2 PM and second from 2 PM to 8 PM. If needed, we will start the third shift too. People should not panic and rush to the vaccination centre,” said DC Potom.

He also shared that volunteers of the Arunachal Chamber of Commerce and Industries are coordinating the testing and vaccination process for the business communities of ICR.

Following the report of a long queue outside RKM hospital here, DC visited to work out a solution to ease the crowding. “Apart from existing, one more room has been set up for the vaccination process.

We are also going to add additional registration and vaccine counters at RKMH. This will help to ease the problem of citizens,” he added.  

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