FANS attended awareness and interaction programme at Donyi polo yelam kebang, Pasighat

ITANAGAR, JUNE 29 : The Forum for Awareness of National security (FANS) New Delhi, Headed By it’s National General Secretary (organisation) Golok Behari Rai, and executive member of Arunachal Chapter headed by Prabhari V N Pandey on Thursday attended a meeting of donyi polo believers and interacted on various issue at Pasighat in East Siang district.
The programme was held at Donyi polo Gagging/Mandir at Pasighat in which more than 100 of believers attended the interaction and awareness programme on national security and country defense and development, unity and integrity social and cultural harmony..

Deliberation about Donyi – Polo Religion by Tajom Tasung!. V N Pandey spoke about Important of own Tradition, Identity, Culture & Religion on National Security prospective in tribal inhabitant of this Boarder State of Arunachal Pradesh &Appeal the gathering/Believer to Protect/Preserve Age old Donyi – polo Religion.

FANS National general secretary Golok Behari Rai in his address said that today’s fight is for the protection of thoughts, existence, identity, tradition and life values. External attack is being done on our tradition, history, life values ​​​​through the medium of conversion in many ways. Due to which the society is putting a big danger on the nation and the country. He said.
On the other hand, China’s expansionism in our neighborhood is not only a threat to us, but China is a threat to the whole world and humanity. Liberation of Kailash-Mansarovar and Tibet from China is the only guarantee of development, security and prosperity and peace in this region.

Donyi- Polo Yelam Kebang President Ajem Tayeng, informed that first Gangging started in 1986 by Late Talom Rukbo & as Now 345 are in existence for puja etc for believer, He exerted that 2 Main burning issue before Society are rapid growing drug addiction habit in new generation & conversion etc.
Several other leaders from various likeminded organization also take part in awareness programe and spoke on the moral value, rich traditional value and cultural heritage of tribal community of state and its protection and promotion of traditional attire and landgrave were discussed.

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