First General Body Meeting in Shalleyi-Pistana Panchayat held

Shalley April 9: Formation of new executive-Cum- bye laws review of Shalley Pistana Panchayat Welfare Society (SP-PWS) was held on 9th April,2022 at Shalley community Hall under chairmanship of Toko Teti & Phill Tatam,Secretary.

Before Shalleyi Pistana Panchayat Welfare society [SP-PWS] can start to function like a well-oiled machine,it has to lay a brawny foundation of a sturdy administrative framework in its outset stage.

The ball has started rolling at the first general body meeting of a society on 9th April,2022.The most critical agenda of the meeting is to review old by laws and to add new by-laws by selecting a working managing committee of Shalleyi Pistana Panchayat Welfare Society [SP-PWS] that can take up the task of creating a stout grassroot level policy/edifice for the daily functioning of the society,which will be later handed over to the Shalley Pistana Panchayat Welfare Society by the people Shalleyi, Pistana,Nyolibar,Korli,Hitu ,Biram and Biram Villagers

Besides,the first general body meeting is the place where several important rules are set forth.

In the review meeting, public from Shalley and Pistana Panchayat attended and founder members of the society Toko Talo spoke on the occasion.He also suggested new executive members to work with true spirit of society Welfare.

He later insisted on new executive members to take up new projects which are not yet done by previous executive members.

The public attended the meeting and discussed the length and breadth related to Hunting & Fishing, Protection of natural resources, Boundary Issue, land sale.

Vote of thanks was delivered by Pill Nyer, Vice Chairman of the society.

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