Governor attends 19th Convocation of Rajiv Gandhi University

Rono Hill, The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra (Retd.) presided over the 19th Convocation of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) at its campus on 30th November 2021. The Governor presented the Chancellor’s Gold medal for academic session of 2020-21 to MD Basit Rahman, Master of Science (Mathematics) and gold medal to toppers of various disciplines in the undergraduate Degree course. 

In his presidential address, the Governor congratulated the awardees of Medals of distinction, Degrees and Diplomas and said that they have meritoriously distinguished themselves as also done proud to their Alma Mater, guides, teachers, parents and the society. He said that they must in their life and conversation show themselves worthy of the medals of distinction, Degrees and Diplomas.

The Governor, who is the Chief Rector of RGU also distributed a copy of ‘Fundamental Duties’ as enshrined in the Constitution of India along with the Degrees and Diplomas. He said that the purpose is to remind the graduating students that the Fundamental Duties are the most important part of our National Responsibilities. These responsibilities devolve on every citizen of India, including “you, me, all others present here and elsewhere”, he emphasised.

The Governor said that the most important factor for the human beings for attaining a bench mark in life is the ‘awareness’ and being ‘abreast’ with contemporary happenings. Equally important in life is communication skill. He reminded all that in one’s entire life one’s success or otherwise will depend on interpersonal behaviour and if a person wants to have an identity for him or her, he or she has to be an informed good communicator. 

The Governor also enlightened the passing out students about the dignity of work and labour. He said that as they are stepping in their work life they must remember that their Alma Mater and teachers expect them to be a nationalist all the time. 

The Governor advised them not to run after Government jobs only and suggested them to become a Startup and Job Provider by using the Government Schemes which are now aplenty. Agriculture and its related work fields provide good opportunities for ‘Start up’, he said.

The Governor said that if they are determined and willing to respect the dignity of work and labour, there is big scope everywhere for good livelihood. He also advised them to acquire merit and not bribe for their mission accomplishment. Always abide by Law and be a man of 100% humane virtues, he stressed.

The Governor asked the passing out students to inculcate 7-Chapters of behaviours, which he said are Transparency, Accountability, Probity, Promptness, Equal dispensation, Audit and Mid course correction. He said that they must also have self discipline, which inter alia, includes punctuality, respect for elders, assisting every child of 5 years of age to go to School and most importantly help for the needy and weak

The Governor called upon the passing out students to emerge as a frontline contributor for humanitarian causes in any crisis. He asked them to draw lessons from our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s initiatives to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Governor said that PM has worked tirelessly in the National Interest and ensured best management of COVID-19 crisis. India’s efforts have been the best in the world. He encouraged the students to treat Modi’s COVID crises management as the Role Model in Humanitarian actions. He said that as COVID Pandemic is not yet over, they must continue to follow all COVID control measures and protocols.

Addressing the students, who are to continue their studies in RGU, the Governor said that study should be their sole purpose and they must study hard. He also said that it is important to maintain good health by doing Yoga, Pranayam and playing games. Adopting creative hobbies and dignified, creative extra-curricular activities, he advised them. He also suggested to them to read PM Narendra Modi’s book ‘Examination Warrior’ and imbibe it. 

The Governor exhorted the RGU students to contribute to the progress of the Nation and the State. He urged them to shun lawlessness and vandalism and said that it is not in the interest of anyone. 

The Governor complimented Prof. Saket Kushwaha and his entire Team for making the preceding academic year useful for the students, enabling the completion of the current courses and the Academic sessions and for timely organising this Convocation, which was extremely well conducted. 

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