IMC corporater distributed ration items to needy

ITANAGAR, MAY 21: The Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Ward NO-10 Corporater Yukar Yaro has today distributed essential ration items to needy, daily wage earner, old aged people and students in Ward NO 10 today with the help of his team members and Bihari community organization executive members.

Speaking to the media, Yaro said that due to continuous lockdown in the capital complex there has been an urgent need for ration items among the hundreds of daily wage earners, old aged people and students community who are staying in rent houses and others in my ward. Due to the surge in the covid 19 cases in the capital complex and state it was necessary that the state government distribute ration items to those who are daily wage earners, old aged people, students community and also those who are staying in rented houses and pursuing their study in the capital city.

Though the state govt is distributing the ration items to those who are having only the BPL card holders but it is not enough and the capital administration needs to do something for others and distribute ration items to them also. she said.

She further appeals to all sections of society to maintain and obey general guidelines issued by the state government and capital administration so that we remain safe and secure from infection of coronavirus (Covid 19).

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