IMC Corporater Tarh Achak contributed 35 nos of umbrellas for police personnel working on the street

NAHARLAGUN, MAY 19: The Itanagar Municipal corporation (IMC) Ward NO 16 Corporator Tarh Achak has contributed thirty five nos of umbrella for police personnels working on streets enforcing the containment order of capital district administration today.

Achak informed that, we find that the police personnels and other security forces including Itanagar Traffic Warden (ITW) deployed to imposed the CrPc 144 (curfew) order imposed by Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom during scorching heat and torrential rainfall. They may also get wet and may also contact with flue and viral fevers and we may lose their valuable services rendered for the welfare of the general masses during the Covid 19 pandemic. Their service round the clock is praiseworthy and need to be appreciated by one and all and appeal all section of society and likeminded people to come forward and support in such a noble campaign and help the dedicated, sincere and hardworking people who has been risking their life for the safety and security of the masses and for the mankind. He said.

He said I was also informed by the mediaperson Manoj Singh and Ravi Kumar and today I have immediately procured around 35 nos of umbrellas of big size which may be utilized by capital police at various checknakas and locations during the services of Covid 19 pandemic. Achak added.

Meanwhile, Itanagar Police Station OC, Inspector Phasang Simi has lauded the effort of IMC Corporator Tarh Achak in helping the frontline workers and hope that such works will go a logway in motivating the police an other people deployed and working for the welfare of the masses and safety of the people from the Covid 19.

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