Itanagar is the capital and mirror of state and we all have to take care of it- IMC Mayor Tame Phasang.

ITANAGAR, AUGUST 1 : “Itanagar” is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh and the mirror of state and it reflect every state of affairs what has been happening which need to be corrected if anything goes wrong. Said Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Mayor Tamme Phasang.

The IMC Mayor Tamme Phassang was addressing the media at the sideline of a meeting at IMC Conference hall on Tuesday afternoon. The general public of entire capital complex really facing problem related to traffic congesant, drinking water supply and power cut and several complains are being received by the denizens and consumers as well. 

Itanagar Capital is of all every citizen of state. We being a leader and citizen of capital complex and state, everyone has right to get good road, better facilities like of education health, water supply and power but at the same time it is our responsibility to shoulder the duty being a civilized citizen. He said.

Everyone and all the system and department is governed by rule of law and it is a responsibility and duty of each and everyone to abide the rule of law which are framed for the betterment. Said Mayor Phasang.

The traffic issue in capital complex is unfortunate, mostly the traffic is manmade and though administration is doing its duty but it would be our responsibility to carry forward our duty being a responsible citizen of Itanagar and state. We have to care for out property either of pubic or private property but the same is being used by general public need to be protected and maintained, if the property like of roads, bridge, schools, college, power supply system, water supply system is maintained it may last and durable used for all. He said.

Itanagar is the face of our state and our face need to be beautiful so that it reflect our face and body as well. He said.

We have discussed the issue with Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister and we have been assured that the traffic menace is resolve soon. He said.

He urged upon the highway authority to immediately repair the National highway in state capital. Inspite of repeated plea by the general public and form several corner the IMC will have no option but to approve the administration and state government in the greater interest of the general public of state capital. Added Phasang. 

He further appeal the PHED department to immediately resolve the water supply system either through pipeline or though water tanker and provide water supply free of cost. The Power to resolve the power supply system due to which the general consumers of capital complex is facing load shedding. The appeal goes to PHED Minister and Power Minister to resolve the issue without any delay. 

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