Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Plans Recruitment of Over 200 Staff Members

Itanagar, June 28 – The Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) held its 15th Business Meeting, led by Mayor Tamme Phassang, to discuss crucial matters and make decisions for the improvement of the IMC and the entire state. The meeting took place on Wednesday at the IMC Conference Hall.

Mayor Tamme Phassang called upon the corporators and IMC officials to collaborate in enhancing the jurisdiction of the IMC and the state as a whole. One of the significant issues addressed was the lack of ground staff, which has resulted in challenges in maintaining cleanliness in the city. Despite possessing necessary machinery and equipment, the IMC has faced hurdles in waste management due to a shortage of manpower. Mayor Phassang announced that the IMC plans to recruit over 200 additional staff members in the near future to address this issue.

Furthermore, Mayor Phassang shared that the state government has allocated a grant of Rs 7.50 crore to the IMC. This financial support will be utilized prudently to overcome the shortage of manpower, ensuring that the IMC fulfills its responsibilities without incurring any liabilities.

In line with the directives of the Supreme Court and the National Green Tribunal, the IMC has decided to delegate certain rights to ward members, under the supervision of respective ward corporators. This empowerment will enable ward members to impose penalties on individuals who violate court orders regarding littering in public places, as stated by the Mayor.

Additionally, Mayor Phassang disclosed that the IMC intends to conduct a comprehensive survey for house numbering within its wards. This initiative aims to maintain accurate records of the total population residing in each ward and provide information about individuals living in specific buildings or rented rooms. The collected data will contribute to improved management and administration within the IMC.

Mayor Tamme Phassang also urged residents of the IMC jurisdiction to exercise caution during the monsoon season. He advised against unnecessary travel unless it is an emergency and emphasized the need for extra precautions for those residing near hills and riverbanks to prevent any untoward incidents.

The 15th Business Meeting saw the attendance of Deputy Mayor Biri Basang, all corporators, the Commissioner of IMC-Likha Tejji, and IMC officials.

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