Assam Rifles Leads Successful Tree Plantation Drive in Ranglum Village

Ranglum Village, Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh witnessed a remarkable initiative on 28th June 2023 as the Assam Rifles organized a tree plantation drive to emphasize the significance of trees in maintaining a thriving ecosystem and fostering a greener and cleaner environment.

The plantation drive garnered immense support and active participation from both the villagers and the troops of Assam Rifles. Together, they unitedly planted a total of 350 saplings, contributing to the growing green cover of the region.

With a fervent desire to raise awareness about the importance of trees, the Assam Rifles orchestrated this noble initiative to encourage the local community to actively engage in environmental conservation and sustainable practices. The villagers expressed their utmost appreciation for the efforts undertaken by the Assam Rifles, acknowledging their motivation to preserve a pristine and green surroundings.

The tree plantation drive proved to be a resounding success, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility among the participants. As the saplings take root and grow, they hold the promise of a healthier and more vibrant ecosystem for Ranglum Village and its surroundings.

This commendable initiative by the Assam Rifles serves as an inspiration for communities across the country to come together and actively contribute towards creating a sustainable future by nurturing the environment.

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