DC Initiates Swift Relocation of Students to New School Building in Itanagar

Itanagar, June 27: The Deputy Commissioner of Capital Itanagar, Talo Potom IAS, recently convened a meeting with education officials and stakeholders at the new school building of Govt Middle School ESS sector. The meeting aimed to address the dilapidated condition of the previous school building and ensure the safety of the students.

Upon inspecting the school, the Deputy Commissioner discovered that the existing building was unfit for academic activities and student accommodation. Fortunately, a new school building had been constructed and handed over to the Education Department of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. In response, the Deputy Commissioner issued an order under section 65(b) of the Disaster Management Act 2005, requisitioning the new building for immediate use and ensuring the safety and security of the students. The order, issued on June 26, fell under U/s 144 CrPC.

Following the order, the necessary arrangements were made, and the entire school successfully shifted to the new building within 24 hours. In light of this development, the Deputy Commissioner organized a meeting today at the new school building, where various stakeholders were present.

During the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education. He urged parents to actively track their children’s activities, particularly their studies, as he believed that parents play an equally vital role as teachers in shaping their children’s academic lives. He further highlighted the significance of regular interaction between teachers and parents to maintain the quality of education without any compromises.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for parents to voice their grievances, and the Deputy Commissioner encouraged the Deputy Director of School Education (DDSE) Capital Itanagar to take note of all the concerns raised.

In a display of unity and community participation, the parents actively participated in a social service initiative to clean the school premises, further enhancing the school’s environment.

The efforts of the Deputy Commissioner and the collaborative spirit among the education officials, teachers, staff, and parents have successfully addressed the urgent need for a safe and conducive learning space for the students of Govt Middle School ESS sector.

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