Joint combing operation of forest and police launched in the foothills of Doimara from Dec 17 to 19

ITANAGAR, A joint combing operation comprising Forest & Police personal was launched at Doimara area of Foothills Range of Khellong Forest Division under the supervision of DFO V.K.Jawal to check the illegal felling & subsequent  transportation of sawn  timber  from Arunachal Pradesh to Assam either  though water route or through bicycle.

The combined team started the combing operation starting from Shergaon Nallah w.e.f. 17th Dec ‘2021 and continued upto 19th Dec’2021. During the Course of combing operation block size sawn timbers were seized including 5 nos. of bicycles. The miscreants from across the border fled away into the Assam side leaving behind the illegally sawn timber.

The team of the Forest Department was assisted by O. Lego, Inspector, O.C, Kamengbari Police station and his team. Regular patrolling was conducted in the vulnerable areas with the limited manpower of the Forest & Police Department.

Doimara being a sensitive border area of Arunachal with no power supply & mobile connectivity its a hard task for the Police & Forest personnel to coordinate for intensive operation activity against the miscreants. Said the officials.

A post of Circle Officer has been created at Doimara but as per information  the service of the Circle officers are mostly utilized at District headquarter, Bomdila leaving behind that area without any Administrative Officer/setup. 

One unit of 3rd IRBN was stationed at Doimara to assist personal of Forest Department in regular patrolling & combing operation but the same has been withdrawn from Doimara w.e.f. 28th Nov’2021 that resulted in encouraging the miscreants from across the border to indulge in illegal timber activity in Doimara area.

The Doimara is facing infiltration of miscreants from across the border and engaging themselves in illegal timber activity. The porous boundary at Doimara is also a big constant in checking the movement of miscreants from across the border. Intensive steps needs to be taken by the District Administration & Police with the Forest Department to check the porous border by strengthening the staff strength of Forest & Police personal and a regular posting of the Circle Officer so that the team works jointly in high spirit to nab the people from across the border who indulge in illegal felling & transportation of sawn timber to Assam. 

To handle the sensitive situation at Doimara, Govt. has approved establishment of 4th IRBN headquarter at Doimara so that immediate cover to the Forest & Police personnel can be provided by the IRBN personnel. The hard work being done by the Forest & Police Department with very limited resources in tough areas needs to be appreciated rather than being criticized at various forums.

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