Locals appeal to the state govt to upgrade the playgrounds of ICR

ITANAGAR, The denizens of twin capital complex has appeal various department of state, capital administration to promote several place of amusement, recreation, place for children to play and place of daily exercise for children’s, youths and older people so as to remain fit and fine with a healthy body and sound mind.

Locals informed that we have place like IG Park, Polo Park, Energy Park, science park, Mahatma Gandhi Park, Rajbhawan park, Papu park and few others but all these park are in bad shape and need immediate attention of the administration and department so every section of society can avail the free facility of the government which are created in the greater interest of public service.  

Every day in the early morning and evening hundreds of local residents go to these parks for recreation, walking, daily exercise and play few games and sports to maintain a healthy life to maintain fitness but all these amenities and infrastructure need proper upkeep, renovation, repairing and proper funding from various departments and administration. 

It has been observed that on the very first day of 2022 a part of new year celebration more than 3400 people with their children’s and spouse has visited the energy park at Lower Niti Vihar being maintained by Arunachal Pradesh energy development agency (APEDA) to enjoy the holiday and there was a huge rush, so it was necessary that state government provide sufficed fund for renovation, repairing and promoting several such infrastructure and facility in capital complex for the good health and fitness of life of people. 

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