Mass comm students rued irregular payment of scholarships

ITANAGAR, AUGUST 11 : The Students pursuing a Master’s degree in Mass Communication Discipline at Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) are in deep anguish and extremely upset after being denied more than half of their scholarship amount and unhappy the way they are receiving the scholarship for last 5 years. .

The aggrieved students lamented that they got only Rs 23000 as against the total Rs 50,300 recommended for Post Matric Scholarship (PMS) scheme under  National Scholarship Portal (NSP) Category (II) course.

Addressing a press conference here at Arunachal Press club on Wednesday afternoon, one of the aggrieved students claimed that his immediate seniors and students pursuing Diploma in Mass Communication had received the full scholarship amount, while they have received only Rs 23000.

According to the student, since Mass Communication is a practical course and comes under Category II, the amount they got is not even half of the expenditure they had incurred to pursue Mass Communication. The student community requested the Education Minister to intervene in disbursing the outstanding amount of Rs 27000 at the earliest.

Another student said that they have been deprived after knocking on every door of the higher officials of the department they knew in the hope of justice, but received no positive response other than assurances. We can only wait and get assurances from time to time but are denied of our genuine scholarship.

  “We have met the Director of Higher and Technical Education several times but did not get any positive response from his side.  Later, after the suggestion of the Director, we met the OSD, DHTE (Stipend and Scholarship), who informed us of the attribution of the irregularities in disbursement due to some technical problem in the NSP,” he said.

He lamented that it has been two months and they have not received the remaining amount despite the assurance of disbursing the amount to them by the official.

According to the students, the (Mass Communication) course comes under the Group-II category and  is supposed to receive a total amount of Rs 50,300 as per the fee fixation committee for PMS in the state at par with other courses. As per information there are more than 35 students who have been denied the proper scholarship and most of them are from RGU.

The students further threatened to launch dharna if the concerned authorities do not release the remaining scholarship amount within August to seek justice.

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