Minister Wangki Lowang attended the Millet festivals of Noctes at New Subing village

DEOMALI, JULY 14 ; The Minister for PHED, DoTCL and Information technology and Namsang local MLA Wangki Lowang on Friday has taken part in millet festival of Nokte at New Subing village.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Lowang said that “ Arunachal Pradesh is known for unity in diversity and the Nocte of Tirap district apart of major festival Cholu Loku has been celebrating Kontom Loku with several programes which will continue for next four days. Kontom Loku is being celebrated in the month of July while the Cholu Loku in the month of October/November. He said.

We celebrate after complete harvest of millet and enjoy our bumper harvest with pomp and show. Our boys and girls wear the traditional dress and prepare ourselves for prayer while the boys and male members only go to offer prayer to the shivling (Vilong/Talong). We pray for good health, happy living, peace, prosperity and well being of all human being on the earth. This festival continue for four days. He said.

After 1st day people went along al the house in the villages to officer the blessing of the god and enjoy cultural exchange, foods and beverages prepared of millet. He said.

Today we enjoy food prepared out of millet and various types of food products of millet which has lots of nutrition value for a good health. Said Lowang.

This is also an important festival and I like to celebrate with them every year. This is also like celebration of Bihu festival as our district bordering Assam so we still celebrated the festivals of BIhu to have good relation and cultural tries with the people living in our neighbor for peace, tranquility and communal harmony. Added Minister Wangki Lowang. 

Several local leaders, public leaders, PRI members and Village chief of New Subing, Ngong Khu and others were present on the occasion. 

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