NES, ANSU & ANYA lauded Likha Maj for motivating the farmers community in horticulture activities

BANDERDEWA, JUNE 22 ; The Nyishi Elite Society (NES), All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) and All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has today lauded the progressive farmer and Chairman of Green Gold integrated farm LIkha Maj for motivating the farmers community in horti and allied activities in the line of aatma nirbhar and self reliant and self sustainability.

The team of NES led by General Secretary Heri Maring, team of ANSU led by President Nabam Dodum, team of ANYA led by General Secretary Dr. Bengia Tada and NES Papum Pare team today visited the green gold farm of Likha Maj at Tarajuli in Banderdewa circle and take part in sapling distribution of special variety of Lalit Guava and Thailand Lemon to the farmers community.

Speaking to the press NES General Secretary Heri Maring informs that instead of wasting time and energy and resources  and roaming for tender and contract works should motivate or divert their precious time and energy in cultivation and plantation activities. We have learnt from the Covid pandemic and even on otherwise plantation and cultivation activities will give us a better output in comparison to contract works and will help the farmers community to prosper and become atma nirbhar, self reliant and also self sustainability. Maring said.

The initiative taken up by the progressive farmer Likha Maj is praise worthy and will naturally motivate the upcoming farmers and also to those farmers who are interested in horticulture and allied activities. Whatever the saplings being distributed today and on other occasions also need to be planters and accordingly the output will be taken back which will be utilized at the upcoming Mega Food Park as a raw materials. Maring added.

He further urged upon the farmers community to use modern methods of farming and also use technology so that less effort is utilized with more productivity.

ANSU President Nabam Dodum informs that now youths need to know that time is nearing and everyone has to be involved in plantation activities for our own consumption and utilization.  We have to start with such activities in whatever the plot of land wherever we have and go for plantation. Plantation activities help in supporting the environment and give us harvest which are needed as food and we human being are totally dependent on the agriculture, horticulture activities and soon if we continue to motivate and use of energy and resource in cultivation and plantation activities we may be able to produces various types of fruits and vegetables and other horti and agril crops and we may become self sustainability and self reliant. Dodum said.

The green gold farm is an exemplary set by LIkha Maj and urges the youths to join farming and plantation activities which would help the growth of the rural economy to become self-reliant. Dodum added.

ANYA General Secretary Dr. Bengia Tada informs that the campaign and awareness programme undertaken by the Maj for many years would be a milestone in the horticulture activities. He urged upon the farmers community to come forward and involve in cultivation and plantation activities for our family needs at home and also sell the products to the upcoming  Mega food park which would support thousands of farmers community in time to come and also add to the economy of entrepreneurs and farmers community at large.

Progressive farmer Likha Maj on the occasion briefed the farmers community and also the team of NES, ANSU and ANYA and said that I have been trying for several years in the horticulture activities since 1992 during the youths days and continue to do so. Plantations not only give us fruits and vegetables but also protect the ecology.  For the last two years I have distributed more than 2 lakhs saplings of Lalit Guava and Thailand lemon, one of the best varieties of Guava and lemon free of cost to the interested farmers community. He assured to take back the fruits on harvesting and had agreement with the farmers but the farmers have to dedicate themselves with a commitment and the harvest will be utilized in the upcoming mega food park. He said.

There are requirements of huge quantities of fruits products and for which I have launched the awareness campaign and  motivating the farmers community to go for horticulture activities. There would be 35 industries at the Mega Food park for which large quantities of raw materials would be required and appeal the farmers to utilize their time and energy in plantation activities to become self reliant and economic sustainability for atma nirbhar Arunachal Pradesh. Maj added.

It is to inform that thirty thousand of saplings of Lalit Guava were distributed to one hundred farmers.

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