PHC at Kamhua Noknu is fully functional: Honchun Ngandam

PONGCHAU, Minister RWD etc and Pongchau-wakka local MLA Honchun Ngandam on Wednesday visited the Primary health centre at Kamhua Noknu alongwith Deputy Commissioner Bani Lego and other senior officers of Longding district and interacted with the medical officers and others staffs of the PHC. 

Minister also discussed any issue of the staff and also local issues if any which need any support of administration and government was also discussed.

Speaking to newsperson, Ngandam informed that the PHC K/Noknu under Khakam block was inaugurated way back in  December 2018 by The Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh but could not function properly and with lots of effort was put in and now it is fully functional. Necessary medical staff and other required items are being arranged. He said.

There were lots of problems for the patient and people with a normal disease have to cover a long distance or visit the district headquarter and face lots of difficulties. Now doctors are also available and people with normal suffering are being treated here itself and they need not go a long distance and save time and money. Minister said.

We have to take special perceptual measures after the issue of SoP by the state disaster management (SDMA) and directed the DC to issue necessary directions to check and balance the spread of pandemic in the district. He also asked the DC to take up all awareness activities with the help of medical authority and police to ensure the safety measures are being maintained at checkgate and in open places. Ngandam added.

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