Sagalee commemorates International Women’s Day with dignitaries and empowering messages

Sagalee, 8th March: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Nabam Tuki, MLA of the 15th Sagalee constituency and Former Chief Minister of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, joined Yame Higio ADC Sagalee as the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour at the celebration organized by APWWS Sagalee Branch. The event, held in collaboration with the METE DENE MODEL CLUSTER LEVEL FEDERATION at Nyokum Ground, Sagalee, emphasized women’s pivotal role in society.

Tuki highlighted women’s contributions in economics, justice, and politics, stressing the need for ongoing support and empowerment. The celebration served as a platform to recognize women’s achievements, with Tuki’s presence underscoring the community’s commitment to acknowledging and appreciating women’s invaluable contributions.

The event’s message resonated: International Women’s Day is not just a date but a symbol of progress, a reminder of challenges, and a celebration of women breaking barriers. The occasion urged reflection on persisting gender inequalities and a commitment to dismantling these barriers collectively.

The message extended gratitude to the women in our lives, emphasizing the immeasurable contributions of mothers, daughters, sisters, colleagues, and friends. The call to action on this International Women’s Day is to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and pledge to create a world where every woman’s potential is realized, championing gender equality for the betterment of entire communities.

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