Silver Jubilee Chingdang Festival Celebrates Sajolong Culture and Community Unity

BHALUKPONG, Oct 21: The Chingdang Festival Celebration Committee (CFCC) kicked off its silver jubilee celebration at Tippi on Saturday, with the inauguration conducted by former MLA, Rinchin Kharu. Speaking at the event, Kharu emphasized the festival’s significance for the Sajolong community, serving as a vital platform for educating the younger generation about the community’s history, culture, and traditions during the extensive five-day festivities.

Kharu also highlighted the community’s rich culture and history, expressing plans to unite elders for documenting the Sajolong community’s history, including language scripting, preservation of folklore, and songs. To create a common language, the committee will soon convene a meeting to address the dialect differences that exist within the Sajolong community.

CFCC organizing chairman, Aju Khonjuju, outlined the five-day festival, which will feature traditional sports, games, and cultural events, concluding on October 25, the sacrificial day. Emphasizing community participation, the festival grounds will showcase organic items, promoting locally made products. The event also encourages unity among various communities residing in the region, transcending tribal boundaries.

Despite the Chingdang festival’s origins in the Sajolong community, the committee has consistently included members of other tribes in the state, fostering communal harmony and embracing diversity. Notable attendees at the inaugural celebration included ZPM Akhil Kumar Jebisow and ZPM Lekhi Sarkrinsow, among others.

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