Taba Tedir Inaugurates Neelam War Memorial Park & Museum

DEED, Oct 20: Minister for Education, Cultural Affairs, and Indigenous Affairs, as well as Yachuli’s local MLA, Taba Tedir, laid the foundation stone for the War Memorial Park-cum-Museum at Neelam in the Deed Circle of Lower Subansiri District. This War Memorial will be the first War Memorial-cum-Park and Museum being constructed by the State Government to commemorate the 1962 Indo-China War.

On this day, the Indian Army and the Government of Arunachal Pradesh paid tribute to the 1962 War Hero Rifleman Neelam Tebi in the presence of several top officials of the State Government, District Administration, public and PRI leaders, higher-ranking officers, and troops from the Indian Army at the construction site.

In a monumental moment of remembrance and honor, the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh witnessed a grand inauguration of a distinguished War Memorial for Martyr Neelam Tebi, a testament to his valor and sacrifice.

The inauguration of this iconic war memorial is not just a commemoration but also a poignant journey into history and a homage to Martyr Neelam Tebi, who gave his life to protect the country’s sovereignty during the 1962 War. Martyr Neelam Tebi joined the 5th Battalion of The Assam Rifles as a rifleman and made the supreme sacrifice for the nation during the 1962 War, laying down his life at the Battle of Bum La. The under-construction memorial stands as a beacon of eternal gratitude, etching his sacrifice into the very soul of our nation.

The ceremony took place at Warrior Top in Neelam village, Lower Subansiri district, Arunachal Pradesh, a solemn ground that witnessed the convergence of dignitaries, veterans, and the local populace.

The awe-inspiring memorial will be more than just stone and metal; it will be a powerful narrative of valor, resilience, and duty. It will speak about the bravery and echo the story of the ultimate sacrifice made by Martyr Neelam Tebi. The memorial itself stands as an unwavering symbol of hope and strength and will continue to motivate the younger generations in times to come.

Addressing the public function at the venue, Minister Tedir said that Martyr Neelam Tebi has created history and will remain an inspiration to the upcoming youth of the state toward national integrity, unity, and service to the motherland. The upcoming war memorial park and museum will have all facilities to interact with and attract locals and tourists from across the state and country. The state government has funded 5 crore rupees for the said project. When completed, this memorial park will be a hot tourist destination and an inspiration to the people of Arunachal Pradesh, said Tedir.

He thanked the people of Neelam village, led by the Neelam Welfare Society, for donating a huge plot of land for the said project. At the same time, the people of the area have also contributed land for the Indian Army, who will take care of this war memorial park and museum, added Minister Tedir.

The Minister further expressed his gratitude to the people of Neelam village, Deed Circle, and the Army officials of the 13th Rajputana Rifles for beautifully organizing the program.

Secretary of Cultural Affairs, Tai Kaye, HPDCAPL Chairman cum Managing Director, Toko Onuj, and the Commanding Officer of the 13th Battalion, The Rajputana Rifles, as part of Spear Corps, blessed the occasion by inaugurating the War Memorial.

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