Wahge, Felix, Tedir, Taki, Hali and Tako attended GPC training on grassroots devp at Yazali

YAZALI, Oct 20: The Bharatiya Janata Party State President and Pakke Kesang MLA Biyuram Wahge on Friday while inaugurating a Gram Panchayat Chairpersons Training (GPCs) of 5 districts at Yazali in Lower Subansiri Districts. Has appeal Karyakartas and party elected leaders to remind loyal to party and work for strengthening of grass root and development of rural areas of Arunachal Pradesh.  

Wahge emphasize that the Panchayat leaders who are the grass root development should know the details of the activities of the party who are working for all round development of state and country as well. Since BJP is running government in State and Country with hundreds of state and center sponsored scheme which are for the development and welfare of the people should be properly implemented.  The party has organize such eight training camp from Tawang to Longding and today is the eight camp at Yazali in which the Gram Panchayat Chairpersons and Party leaders from Capital Complex, Papum Pare District, Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey and Kradaadi District are taking part. Wahge said

Such type of trainings through eminent personality and resource person of Party and elected leaders are helpful to strengthen the grass root democracy, rural development and welfare of villagers.  After the trainings these elected PRI leaders will go back their village and create awareness of hundreds of State and Center sponsored schemes to empower the rural population. Added BJP President Wahge

Home, RD & Panchayat Raj Minister Bameng Felix brief about several rural development progammes of State government.  He informed that state government under the leader ship of Pema Khandu, Chief Minister by providing of state on resource to the Panchayati Raj institution for development of rural Arunachal.  This year additional amount has been enhance.  He said

Due to non-submission of utilization Certificate (UC) from various districts of state.  Another installment may not be possible so it is necessary that all the district should immediately submit the utilization certificate to receive fund.  The Minister said.

He also inaugurated about the agenda of the government and policy of the party for strengthening of rural masses and Panchayati Raj institution in state for all round development.

Education & Cultural Minister Taba Tedir, Agriculture Minister Tage Taki, BJP organizing Secretary Ananta Narayan Mishra, Former Minister Dr.Mohesh Chai, BJP Vice President Tarh Tarak,  General Secretary Nalong Mize, Tali MLA Jikke Tako, Doimukh MLA Tana Hali Tara, Lower Subansiri District President Likha Togu, Convenor Dug Saha, Co-Convenor Gora Lotak, Secretary Toko Yapa and others also address the gathering.  

Certificate were provided to the participates by the dignitaries.

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