TAH: Taba Tedir directed to DC to recover Rs 41 crore from fake beneficiaries

YACHULI, 12 Sep: The education minister Taba Tedir who is also local MLA of Yachuli assembly constituency under Lower Subansiri district on Monday directed the deputy commissioner to start the process to recover Rs 41 crore from the fake beneficiaries of the Trans Arunachal highway compensation scam. Addressing a gathering here Tedir said the fact-finding committee constituted by the state government has recommended recovery of these excess payments made to the fake beneficiaries.

“The money should be recovered and returned to the state exchequer,” he said. The minister also informed that the state government has released Rs 23 crore out of Rs 25 crore recommended by the fact-finding finding committee which is to be paid to the genuinely affected people. “The genuine beneficiaries will be paid soon by the state government. Those who were deprived by wrong policies justice will be served  to them,” said Tedir. Regarding the progress of TAH in his constituency he said, the stretch from Potin to Anya gate is progressing very slowly. “Even though work progress is slow, the quality of work is good. I am hopeful that formation cutting will be completed soon in this stretch,” the minister added.

The deputy commissioner informed that the government is trying to recover the money from the fake compensation beneficiaries.  

“As per record available Rs, 41 crores were paid to people with no assets. We are trying to start the recovery process. But these people have gone to court and got stayed,” said DC.

He also shared that many genuine land affected people have not been paid compensation till now. “The fact finding committee constituted by the state government recommended Rs 25 crore compensation based on their findings which are to be paid to genuine beneficiaries. Rs 23 crore has been released. Soon we will start the process of payment,” said DC Nime.

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