Team Arunachal Curling triumph celebrated with Silver medal honor

Itanagar, Jan 23: The Sports Authority of Arunachal Pradesh (SAA) orchestrated a significant celebration today as they honored the 11 members of Team Arunachal Curling for their outstanding achievement – securing the Silver Medal in the 3rd National Curling Championship 2024 at Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir.

Under the guidance of Byabang Taj, Chairman of SAA, the ceremony featured notable figures including the Director of SAA, Secretary General of APCA Yami Lazi, and State Official Heri Jyoti. The spotlight shone on the accomplished medalists: Mr. Dado Judith, Mr. Limphu Nikhangju, Mr. Jummar Karbak, Mr. Takam Dado Madang, Mr. Tao Aman, Ms. Takoni Dodum, Ms. Tamuk Nakum, Ms. Pungnyi Dolo, Ms. Mikulu Bagang, Mr. Heri Moses, and Ms. Heri Aspa.

Byabang Taj conveyed immense pride in the team’s achievements, emphasizing continued support from SAA to the association. Riba Pangia Dolo, State President of Arunachal Pradesh Curling Association (APCA), highlighted the swift ascent of Curling, making its mark as the state’s inaugural winter game. Plans for a dedicated Curling stadium in Tawang, as promised by CM Riba, are actively progressing.

CM Pema Khandu personally engaged with the medal winners through video calls, extending warm congratulations. Deputy CM Chowna Mein and Sports Minister Mama Natung joined the chorus of applause, commemorating the team’s exceptional triumph.

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