We need sufficient time to permanently repair the damaged road near Ashoka hotel and Gandhi Market in C Sector- PWD

ITANAGAR, AUGUST 4 ; we are also concerned about the damaged road at Upper C Sector near Ashoka Hotel toward P Sector (Helipad) on a circular road and a small portion of road at Gandhi market area. We are trying our best to restore but need sufficient time. informed an official.

PWD, Capital Division ‘B’ Assistant Engineer Neelam Mama informed that we have tried several attempts to repair and renovate the damaged stretch of road at upper C sector toward the helipad near Shiv Mandir and a portion in Gandhi market in the city. He said. We have tried even in night hours and at several concessions temperedly filled up the damaged portion with soil and sand gravels but remain the same due to rain as it needs permanent repairing and we are ready to repair it permanently but need time and during the time no traffic movement would be allowed. He said.

Permanent solution is not possible as massive traffic is flowing on the said stretch of circular road from P Sector toward Ganga Market via Circuit house, Asoka hotel and other so controlling the Massive traffic is a big challenge. We can get sufficient time once the under construction underpass on NH-415 at Bank Tinali is completed and major traffic is not allowed on the said road. Mama said.

On a temporary basis we will continue to fill up the damaged portion, our staff are deployed to take care of the damaged portion and at the same time the damaged portion at Gandhi market may also be repaired on a temporary basis as and when required. We will continue to repair the portion as and when required so that the commuters do not face lots of problems. He added.

The commuters are requested to bear with the inconvenience caused. Mama further said.

It is to mention that due to said damaged portion on the road at Upper C Sector several two wheelers, two wheelers and even four wheelers meet with accidents on a daily basis. It is also to mention that the Itanagar traffic warden deployed at the tri junction has to face lots of problems as they have to push the vehicle which got stuck due to various reasons.

Later in the evening the local resident unitedly restored and repaired the road on a self help basis.

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