BRO should immediately tender apology to the people of state or else the matter may reach to parliament threatened MP (RS) Nabam Rebia

KIMIN, Jun 23: The Rajya Sabha MP Nabam Rebia has asked BRO to apologize to the people of state  for showing Kimin in Arunachal as ‘Bilgarh’ in Assam during the recent visit of Defence minister Rajnath Singh to Kimin town. Rebia visited Kimin on Wednesday and met the local people. Talking to the media he said BRO has hurt the sentiment of the people of Arunachal.

“BRO has been working in Kimin for the last many years. How can they make such a blunder? If they can’t show respect to the local people better they should shift out of Kimin,” he said. Rebia said the attempt to show Kimin as part of Assam is a deep conspiracy and it might hurt Arunachal’s cause at the Supreme Court where the Assam-Arunachal boundary dispute is being currently heard.

He also warned that if BRO did not take corrective measures he would raise the issue in parliament. “

“Kimin is one of the oldest administrative circles of the state and therefore BRO will have to come clean on this issue. I will discuss the matter with the state government and if needed will raise this issue in parliament,” Rebia said.  

‘I have seen the clarification issued by BRO where they has not confessed nor regretted what incident had happened at Kimin rather they tried to explain about what they did in Arunachal Pradesh and mere statement will not work and they should come out with proper clarification with apology” Rebia added.

Kimin is well within in state of Arunachal Pradesh is a restricted area as per BEFR and the BRO authority should have known it and the controversy which come up need to be properly clarify. Rebia further said.

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