MP (RS) Nabam Rebia raised the issue of railway bridge between Lekhi-Yupia in RS session

ITANAGAR, Aug 13: The Rajya Sabha MP Nabam Rebia on Friday shared that he has raised the issue of non-completion of Yupia-Lekhi bridge over Pachin river being funded by the ministry of railways in the just concluded session of Rajya Sabha. The railways in their reply informed that substructure of bridge is completed and that the superstructure is being taken up.

The minister of state for railways Raosaheb Patil Danve in his reply to Rebia said a case has been processed for allotment of funds for construction of leftover works in the project. “I am seriously pursuing this project. Chief Minister Pema Khandu has also written letters and is making efforts to ensure early completion of this project. The Yupia-Lekhi bridge has assumed significance in view of the four-lane road project,” said Rebia. It is to be noted that on Thursday NFR General Manager Anshul Gupta during a meeting with CM Pema Khandu had informed that the tender for construction of the Yupia-Lekhi bridge has already been awarded, and said it would be completed by March next year.

Once the said bridge is completed it would pave the way of thousand of railway passenger to easily reach the railway station and to the capital complex during all hours, as of now there are huge traffic congested and the commuters has to face the traffic jam and has to waste precious time and also the four lane road from Papunallah to Banderdewa could also take up so the said bridge would be playing an important role in reducing the traffic and also traffic can play on Papunallah-Yupia road smoothly connecting Lekhi-Naharlagun and Nirjuli directly. Rebia added.

Further Rebia said that he along with Lok Sabha MP Tapir Gao have also raised the issue of the 6th schedule for Arunachal and need for separate UPSC cadre for the state.

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