Social Workers Likha Maj extended help to Deepak Nabam Living Home during the pandemic

ITANAGAR, MAY 15: The social workers LIkha Maj extended much needed essential items specially flooding stuffs to the Deepak Nabam Living Home  (a home for no home)here at Senki park today amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

Maj inform that when I come to know about the need of essential items, I without wasting anytime has arrange the essential items which are much needed during the pandemic period and such lockdown for last one week and may continue and in such period they may have to face another trouble to more than hundred inmates staying and getting treatment.

Since most of the wholesale and shops are close but anyhow I have been able to arrange around 20 quintals, Dal-60 KG, Mustard oil-32 ltrs, sugar and tea leaves etc. “ I hope that I have contributed something for them and I am happy to see that they may be able to use the items for few more days and they can spend the lockdown living properly indoor. Maj added.

Director, (Town planning and ULB) LIkha Suraj while lauded the works of Deepak Nabam and appeal likeminded people and NGOs to support such NGOs and institutions who are working for the humanity and helping the much needed section of people.

Meanwhile, Deepak Nabam said that we have already staying indoor in the campus much before the containment order was issued by the administration and whatever food items were there are at the verge of extinction and today LIkha Maj has donated several essential items and thanks Maj for the support and cooperation during the day of crisis. He said that more than hundred inmates and other staffs are here in the campus and it is a challenging task to make all of them in the indoor as the infection of Coronavirus is spreading in the capital, state and country. We are also maintaining all precautionary measures of also maintain the Covid behaviors. Nabam added.

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