APITU demanded legal action against the Govt land & quarter encroachers

ITANAGAR, Jun 10 : The Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous Tribes Union (APITU) appealed to the state government to initiate action against the encroachment of government land and government quarters and demanded legal action and the defaulters. 

Talking to the media person during a press conference here at APC, president APITU Tadar Nilo, said that encroachment of government land and demolitions of government quarters has become rampant in the capital complex. It is a very serious issue and the administration and state has to deal with it seriously otherwise there would be no further place for any government and important public purpose. The state government and district administration should start with issuing show cause notice and start with legal action. He said. 

The APITU, further for the early completion of Papu Nallah – Jullang  via near SP office Ganga two lane road, Concrete Cement pavement approach road from National Highway – 415 to Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA) and to renovation of lone lake of the capital complex Ganga Lake (Geker Sinyek) as it is one of the heritage of the state and the capital. He said.

The road form Donyi-Polo to Papunallah which would be a bypass road for the Itanagar to Naharlaugn and connect to TAH and NH-415 is under construction for decade and still not completed and demanded that the said road should have been competed much earlier but due to lackadaisical attitude of state government by not providing sufficed fund for the  early completion of the work. The said road will not only work as a bypass road but would facilitate thousands of people living on both sides of the said road from Papunallah in Naharlagun and O Point Tinali at Itanagar. He added.

We have submitted five point charter of demand by way of memorandum to chief Minister on June 9 and demand that the state government need to take action or else we would compel to launch democratic movement for the genuine demand which are being faced by each and every citizens of capital complex are facing these days.   

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