Base panel of Tamen bridge damaged, vehicular traffic prohibited; may take time for repairing

RAGA, JUNE 19 : The Kamle district administration has prohibited movements of any kind of four wheeler vehicles through the Bailey Suspension Bridge over Kamle (kamla) River until and unless the Highway Department and Technicians Okayed for such movements but shall allow head load transshipments of essential commodities through the bridge with utmost care.

The Kamle Deputy Commissioner Adong Pertin in an executive order has prohibited movement of any types of vehicular movement through the said bridge as a panels of Tamen bailey Suspension Bridge over Kamle (kamla River have bent down when a Highway Construction Company Dumper (Truck) loaded with muck soil pass through in the night of Friday. The truck stranded on the bridge the soils unloaded and pulled out the Dumper but no human casualty has happened. DC said.

It has been reported that one of the side Base Plates of the said bridge has also been dislocated and posing dangerous for vehicular movements and there is every possibility of occurrence of untoward incidents and human casualties if vehicular movements of even medium and light motor vehicles are allowed. DC said.

The carrying and transporting of essential commodities shall be done on head load transshipment from one end to the other end of the bridge till the Highway Department and Bridge Construction Company gel repaired and rectified the bridge to fit for vehicular movements. DC said.

Since the bridge plays an important role in connectivity to several districts for state which include Kra Daadi, Kamle, Upper Subansiri and others and the Highway Department Authorities shall take up urgent steps to rectify the bridge in top priority. Till such time the traffic shall be regulated. DC added.

Meanwhile,  PWD Highway Division Ziro, Executive Engineer has written a letter and requested the  construction company based at Guwahati to maintain the bridge at an early date to maintain the road traffic worthy. Till such time there shall be no traffic movement on the bridge.

As per information from the sources that the technical and engineer form the company may visit and inspect the bridge site by next week and after submission of report the work of repairing the maintenance may take place.

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