DC asks the maintenance system and decorum in commercial vehicle stands and ticket counters

ITANAGAR, MARCH 13 : The Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom on Sunday afternoon visited the commercial vehicle stand near B Sector on NH-415 in the city and asked the ticket counter managers to maintain decorum.

Potom said that every management has a system and everyone has a responsibility to carry, the ticket counters of various commercial vehicle of Tata sumo, Trekkers, Force travelers, Enova, Xylo services and Maxi cab, Bus, Truck and others located in various parts of the city to maintain decorum and hygiene. 

They should ensure that there is no traffic jam nearby the said commercial vehicle stand and counter. The common people including the passengers do not suffer and get problem. The vehicle of the specific stand should also ensure the parking of their vehicle which are not detriment to the obstruction of traffic movement on the highway and roads. DC said.

The management should ensure the facility for their passengers, some of them new and first time in the capital complex and also help and guide them to reach their destination in the capital complex. Potom added.

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