DC Talo Potom appeals to the denizens to maintain alertness and remain safe from disaster

ITANAGAR, 4 Apr:  The deputy commissioner of the Itanagar capital region (ICR) Talo Potom has appealed to the people living in vulnerable areas to shift to safer places in view of the heavy rainfall lashing the ICR for the last few days. Briefing media here on Monday Potom said as per the met forecast heavy rain is expected for next two days.

“I on behalf of the ICR administration appeal to people to remain alert and immediately shift to the safer side. Also, people can contact us if they are in need of help. Our toll free number is 1077 and 1090 (For BSNL users). People can be disaster management officers and even can directly contact me too,” said Potom.

The DC also expressed concern over the illegal earth cutting carried out near the highway and sector roads.

“I have directed administrative officers to immediately file a report against such people who caused damage to highway, drain and public/private properties by carrying out illegal earth cutting. No one will be spared for breaking the law,” he added.

Further DC informed that he is receiving reports of damages from the various parts of the ICR.

On the issue of the need for maintenance of Naharlagun to Nirjuli road, he said it will be done when rain stops. “When rain stops, filling of major potholes will be done at package B and C. Similarly the potholes will be filled up in Itanagar too,” he said. 

Due to the washed away of three temporary bridges connecting Naharlagun township and Lekhi area with Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) and towards Papum pare district headquarter Yupia the National highway-415 in Naharlagun  township has been witnessing massive traffic jams. He said.

Few vehicles have been damaged in A Sector, Naharlagun, when a big tree on the roadside fell down while few electricity and telephone posts have been uprooted near Yupia try junction at Papunallah. He said.

As per information few buildings have also been threatened in Itanagar and the building owners are requested to take immediate precautionary measures before a disaster takes place. He said.

“We cannot fight nature but we can remain safe if we take precautionary measures  and remain alert  during the time of disaster” DC further said. 

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