Golgi bote Donyi Polo gangging celebrated its silver jubilee

ITANAGAR  DEC 17 : The Golgi bote donyi polo ganging celebrated its silver jublee at Golgi bote donyi polo gangging near JN state museum with lots of activities.

Attending the function as chief guest, the RSS pracharak, Uttar purvanchal Bharat, Prachar Pramukh, Akhil bharatiya vanvasi Kalyan ashram Dr. Kedar Arvind Kulkarni said that we should share love, affection and good thought with each other for a beautiful living.

God has created we human being so it should be our endeavors to continue with the deep rooted cultural value and tradition of the society. We need to carry forward the duty with a responsibility for the wellbeing of the society. Said Dr. Kulkarni.

We should pass on our rich cultural heritage and tradition of tribal society for our identity and should always try to make the philosophically strong to our society for the evolution approach. He said.

We are descendant of AboTani and oral folklore and folktales are being continued by generation to generation and as such our humanity has been continued but being a human being we interpret our folktales and folk song, phraise orally which might have experienced by our forefather and it would may be a natural expression and the said expression has been carried out orally by the community and people from time to time. We need to kept an evidence in the form of books and digitally also so that it can be preserved life long. He said

Today also we create folktales and folk song which also signify some action and activities and we have to carry forward the legacy of our forefather  for the strength of people, community, tribe and society. He said.

Our Khomko and Gangging is like a place to update ourselves who believe Donyi polo and express the feeling and pray for wellbeing of society and humanity and we have keep the sanctity of the institution and we utilize it properly for a better purpose. Added RSS Pracharak.

He further appeal the youths and younger generation to continue with the our culture, tradition and belief what we do and practice for wellbeing of humanity.

Indigenous faith and culture society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) President Katung Wahge reiterated the need for protection of indigenous culture and traditional for protection and preservation of tribal identity. He also elaborated about the indigenous movement in state. 

Donyi-Polo Yelam Kebang Itanagar Tamuna President Mesor brief and elaborated the gangging movement in capital complex. He thanks former RGU VC Prof T Mibang who was the 1st person who to donate for the cause.

Golgi Bote Gangging, Silver Jubilee celebration committee Chairman Opang Darang, Secretary Otil Lego also address the function.

The books published by Tamuna Mesor (1) Golgi Bote-His thoughts & deed, (2) mythology of donyi-polism written by Kaling Draang was released on the occasion. Several cultural activities were performed by various teams of capital complex. 

Earlier in morning the health & Family welfare minister Alo LIbang has unveil the silver jublee stone in presence of huge gathering and donyi polo believers and members of  DPYKI and Golgi bote ganging Itanagar.

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