Local people of Balijan and Hollongi area demand including of Hollongi word in Donyi Polo airport

ITANAGAR, Aug  29 : The public and Balijan Zilla Parishad segment local bodies of Hollongi Indigenous People’s Forum (HIPF) on Monday demand state government to remove the word ’Itanagar’ from the Donyi-Polo Airport Hollong terminology.

Addressing the media person at APC, chairman HIPF, Tana Puna Tara said, that indigenous people of the area have no any objection on the idea of naming Donyi-Polo airport except the prefixed word Itanagar.

Considering the sentiments of the indigenous people, the HIPF appealed state government to name the airport as Donyi-Polo Airport Hollongi, he added.

The people are in shocked over the deletion of Hollongi from the terminology which is a old aged legacy prescribed and practiced by the people since immemorial time.  The name Hollongi is our pride and identity which has attachment spiritual endowment from the time of our forefather’s day and time immemorial.  So it is our humble request and appeal to the state government to retake cabinet decision considering teh sentiment of the localities for which the local people of the area shall remain fully supportive to the leadership and government. The HIPF further said. 

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