Mein reviews preparedness of 50th Years Celebration of State identity

ITANAGAR, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein on Thursday convened a review meeting of Lohit basin districts (erstwhile Lohit district comprises of Lohit, Dibang Valley, Lower Dibang Valley, Anjaw and Namsai) on preparedness of 50th Years Celebration of State identity which kicks start on 20th January 2022 at Ziro, as it was in Ziro that Arunachal Pradesh got its name and union territory status in 1972. The closing ceremony will be held in Itanagar on the occasion of the Statehood Day on 20 February, 2022.

The celebration will display folk performances and indigenous games and sports. The 50 years celebration divided the current districts into a cluster of five river basins based on erstwhile districts of the state Kameng, Subansiri, Siang Lohit and Tirap. 

Chairing the meeting, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein called upon every citizen to imbibe a sense of patriotism for our own state’s identity which came into existence in 1972. 

 “Our proud moment is coming. We must develop a sense of cooperation, sense of belongingness and patriotism among all people” said DCM Chowna Mein.  The deputy chief minister has stressed on the display of folk originality of all tribes during the celebration. 

“Since we are celebrating our 50 years of state identity, we must focus to showcase or display our rich folks in purest form. We need to take this seriously to display our folks’ originality in the celebration” DCM added.   

DCM Mein further stressed on coordination and proper synchronization of folk dances to avoid wrong display of folk dances.  He further suggested the committee to honour or give recognition to unsung heroes of the distinct fields who have contributed immensely to the state in its formative stage. The unsung heroes, including war veterans, politicians, PR leaders, and recipients of the country’s highest civilian awards. 

 He further called for a coordination meeting of legislators and deputy commissioners of  all the river basin districts to create a sense of participation among them.  DCM also suggested the committee to involve eminent literary personalities in the state in 50 years of celebration literary activities.” Their (Imminent Literary personalities)  participation would add more colour to the celebration” he said.  

MLA cum sub-committee chairman Chow Zingnu Namchoom also suggested coordination meetings  with legislators of all river basins irrespective of political parties to make the celebration successful. 

Among others attended the review meeting was Dambuk MLA Gum Tayeng, Hayuliang MLA Dassanglu Pul, Lekang MLA Jumum Ete Deori, Anini MLA Mopi Mihu, and Tezu MLA Karikho Kri, Secretary Disaster Management and Transport Dani Salu and Special Secretary to Speaker Pema Thongchi. 

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