Officers sit to discuss various issue related to immediate relief camp after disaster. Draft amendments submitted. 

ITANAGAR, NOV 4 : Heads of various department (HoDs) of various line department of disaster management of state on Friday discussed various issue related immediate relief camps after disaster teaks place.

Speaking to media, Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom inform that today is an important sitting basically minimum standard for establishment of relief camps after disaster takes place. He said.

The disaster management department has brought formulate with regards to  minimum standard and basic amenities needed for a relief camp. There has been a direction and baseline has been drawn by  government of India and today meeting were discussed on the said basic guidelines issued by Ministry of Home Affairs. Potom said.

Refereeing to recent fire accident and several massive landslide, flashflood wherein huge loss of life and property has been witnessed. Potom said  we have put forward our views and suggestion, all the senior officers from various department who were present has also suggest several way and means needs to be taken during the relief camp and disaster takes. He said.

A draft amendment to the disaster management Act  of state has been submitted by all the line officers and it would be send to the state government by the disaster management department for approval. As a chairman of the district disaster management authority we manage immediate requirement to the victim are being disbursed. Potom said. 

With regard to Naharlagun fire accident, the Capital Deputy Commissioner said that we have received 1155 application for immediate relief but after verification the immediate relief has been disbursed to 643 victims bank accounts. Verification to remaining application are being done and documentary evidences are being received for these application. He said.

Immediate relief are given to the victims as an immediate measures but the loss assessment committee was constituted then and they are doing their work and hope that the assessment would be done. The DC added.

Joint Secretary Home Jalas Pertin, Director Disaster management Komkar Dulom, HoDs and senior officers form Power Department, Town planning, Urban Development, health services. Etc among others were present on the occasion and share their views and suggestion.  

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