Submit the verified and scrutinised names of priest latest by November for payment of honorarium : Taba Tedir

ZIRO, Minister for department of indigenous affairs, Education and cultural affairs Taba Tedir on Friday has said that time is passing and November is the last date for submission of the name of priest duly verified by concerned deputy commissioner and scrutinised by the board constituted by the department of indigenous affairs October 27 2021.

Tedir was speaking to media on the issue of the honorarium of the priests, he informed that a board has been constituted comprising of Indigenous faith and culture society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) President Katung Wahge, IFCSAP Secretary general Tambo Tamin, AAPAANWA President Hari Taro General Secretary Tatung Tagar, DIA Deputy Director Tao Takar, Assistant Director Tapum Taki recently. The constitution of the board was necessary as there has always been a faction among the groups of the organisation which has delayed the process time and again. Everything will be finalized if all factions of the organisation come together and join hands for the welfare of the priest institution and benefits of the priest and protection of indigenous faith and belief of the indigenous tribal community of state. The claims and counterclaims of all the organisations need to be cleared before the list if finalised latest by November. Tedir said.

Our culture is our identity and for protection of our aged old culture the tradition the DIA under the leadership of Pema Khandu has approved for payment of honorarium to the priest so it is necessary that every priest should submit their documents duly countersigned and scrutinized as per guidelines latest by November or else the money may go back and the priest may not be able to avail the benefit. Three crore has been approved in the current financial year. He said.

The payment of honorarium to the priest for the promotion of priest institution is a humble beginning and it would go a long way to help the priest in their work. Tedir added.

As per information there are around 2800 priests in the state, the sources informed that the priest will be getting a sum of Rs. 500 per month.

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