Tali MLA Jikke Tako visited landslide & flood affected families of Tali in capital complex, extended financial help.

ITANAGAR, JUNE 21 : The Tali assembly constituency Jikke Tako on Tuesday has visited several places in capital complex and inspected the family affected by landslide and flash flood alongwith other PRI leaders of Tali. 

Speaking to the media, MLA Tako said that several local residents of my Tali assembly constituency reside in various parts of the capital complex and due to massive landslide and flash flood triggered by heavy downpour several families have been badly affected and is a matter of great concern. He said.

In capital complex the vulnerability are mostly due to manmade and due to flash flood and landslide several family has been affected and has lost property and dwellings. As per information received form PRI leaders “ I could able to reached to twenty five affected family in various sector and colony of capital complex and meet them and console them and ask them to remain alert as monsoon is continue and it may hit again affect the life and property. Said Tako.

‘ We cannot fight nature but can remain safe if we maintain precautionary measures and alertness during such monsoon time and natural disasters’. Said MLA Tako.

I have requested all the victims whom I meet today who belong to my Tali assembly constituency to remain away from flood prone areas and landslide areas to save life and property and also ask them to take extra precautionary measures. I tried to extend some financial help to all of them. Tako added.

Tako and his team visited the Donyi Shop near Sangrik Hapa colony. Chimpu, Papunallah, modirijo, jamijate, ESS Sector, Ajin colony, Jully, Hiltop colony and others.  

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