Assam Rifles Empowers Youth Through Drawing and Painting Competition in Changlang

Changlang:- In a bid to foster creativity and empower the youth, Assam Rifles organized a Drawing and Painting competition in the VKV School as part of the Enabling Youth scheme. The event, held on June 20, 2023, witnessed the participation of 95 enthusiastic students from various schools in the district.

The competition, organized by Assam Rifles, aimed to provide a platform for the young minds to showcase their artistic talents and encourage their passion for the arts. Students from different age groups enthusiastically took part in the event, showcasing their artistic skills and creativity through vibrant colors and imaginative strokes.

Following the conclusion of the competition, a prize distribution ceremony was held to recognize and honor the exceptional talents displayed by the participants. The winners were awarded certificates of appreciation and exciting prizes as a token of recognition for their artistic endeavors.

Both students and teachers were full of praise and appreciation for Assam Rifles for organizing such an event that encouraged the creative abilities of the youth. The initiative was hailed as a commendable effort in nurturing the artistic talents of the younger generation and providing them with a platform to explore their artistic potential.

The event not only served as an opportunity for the students to express themselves artistically but also aimed to foster a sense of community and collaboration among the participants. The positive environment created during the competition allowed students to interact, exchange ideas, and learn from each other’s unique perspectives.

Assam Rifles remains committed to empowering the youth and promoting their holistic development. The organization’s efforts in organizing such events underline their dedication towards nurturing the talents and aspirations of the young generation, while also fostering a spirit of unity and camaraderie within the community.

The Drawing and Painting competition organized by Assam Rifles in Changlang District served as a reminder of the transformative power of art and the immense potential that lies within the youth of Arunachal Pradesh.

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