Defaced portion of wall of AP Civil Sectt repainted  

ITANAGAR, Apr 02 : A prominent painter (artist) Nilin Nayan Lakhimpur (Assam) and lawyer Ebo Mili (Arunachal) on Saturday started repainting the portion of wall which they had defaced on 27 March, while opposing construction of a dam in the state of Arunachal. Stating “ NO MORE DAMS”. 

After overwriting ‘No more dam’ over the mural called ‘Wall of Harmony’ even two had to go through the legal action, which compelled them to repaint the wall.

Two were booked under Prevention of Damage of Public Property, 1984 for allegedly drawing which became serious concerns for the state government. It has become a matter of discussion among the people. 

After hearing the plea moved by the council R. Ingo who appeared for both the accused, In The Court of Tenzin Metho, Judicial Magistrate First Class, Yupia, on 29 March last, the court granted bail under the condition to repaint the portion of wall to bring it back to its same form prior to the defacement within 10 days.

The Investigation Officer (IO) SI K Tacha was also advised to oversee the repainting of the wall till condition is completed within prescribed time.

Earlier, state government’s spokesperson Bamang Felix informed that the painting project was recently completed by 12 young painters of the state which reflects the achievements and journey of the state in span of 50 years and it is observed that the painting works of the full stretch of wall of AP Civil secretariat toward NH-415 in E Sector is almost completed.     

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