Taba Tedir and Techi Kaso inaugurated Donyi Polo Kumko (Durb Dalo)

ITANAGAR, JUNE 24 : The Minister for education and cultural affairs and Itanagar local MLA Techi Kaso on Saturday has inaugurated Donyi Polo Kumko (Durb Dalo) at A Sector near Mithun Gate. Duo also laid foundation stone on the occasion. 

Addressing the function as chief guest Minister Tedir emphasis the place of workshop to be preserved by all without discriminating any others religion. The place of workshop should be like of Shabka saath shabka bikash. He appeal the people to have faith in their own god and religion without any discrimination.

Itanagar local MLA Techi Kaso also adders the gathering and said that that the place of worship should be kept as scared place worship of irrespective of religion and faith and not used for any political and other purpose. 

We are god fearing people and should respect other faith and religion so that every human being irrespective of cast, creed, faith and religion live on this earth in peace, harmony and cooperate for all round development of area, district, state and country. Added Kaso.

Donyi Polo Durb Dalo Society President Make Bui, General Secretary Dr. Tumkum Nalo, former 

Former MLA Tapin Siga attuned the function as special invitee. 

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