World Hepatitis Day was observed at Deepak Nabam Living Home with day long programme

ITANAGAR, Jul 28: The 11th  World Hepatitis Day was observed today at Deepak Nabam Living Home, Itanagar, with Theme of “Bringing Hepatitis Care Closer to You” while joining with other parts of world on the occasion of World Hepatitis day.

On July 28 every year is being celebrated this world Hepatitis day with aims to raise awareness among people about this viral disease, its consequences and the ways and means to prevent the spread of hepatitis and fatal complications. We should aware and take precautions from this disease because 90 percents of liver cancer happened due to Hepatitis, said Dr. M. Lego, Director of health services, Naharlagun while addressing the gathering. 

There are five types of Hepatitis infections A, B, C, D, and E among different variables among them B,C and D is very dangerous and Hepatitis is silent killer and attack on our liver and then create problem and through  blood test we can detect it. 

So we should do hepatitis test and take vaccine from prevent from this disease.

Now world is decided to eradicate the Hepatitis disease by 2030 from this world and world is working on it and also giving awareness about the disease.

He also requested everyone should do hepatitis teat don’t wait for treatment.    

Attending the occasion Guest of honour the Dr M. Perme, DMO, Itanagar Capital Complex said, “viral hepatitis B and C infection transmit through unprotected sex and unsterilized needle sharing like HIV infection. Its noting to worry, the diseases are controllable and curable by medicines, we should take precaution and  he advice the gathering take always boiled. 

 Dr Nabam Budh, state Nodal Officer for National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme(NVHCP) under NEM said viral Hepatitis is a silent killer. 90 percent of diseases are hidden in the body as chronic carrier. Viral Hepatitis cause acute and chronic liver disease. Acute case lead to acute liver failure and chronic cases lead to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. There are high number of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer in the state. 

Many have lost their lives due to viral hepatitis, due to high cost of diagnosis and viral medicine. Now, through NVHCP, under NIIM, Govt. of India in collaboration with WHO, has planned to give free diagnosis and free treatment. Dr Budh said, since the programme is new and challenging, initial target will be most vulnerable people, high risk groups and health workers.

They the vulnerably people to viral hepatitis infection. In due course of time entire people will be covered including vaccination for hepatitis B. For benefit of people such robust programme where government is giving full support the programme should not be hindered. 

Dr L. Jampa, SNO(IDSP), viral hepatitis will be captured in the state survelance, each and every viral hepatitis patients will be treated. 

Dr GiriTali, DSO, ICC and Dr Usha Devi also present in the function along with DMO, ICC Technical Team and also conducted screening camp on the occasion.

 The celebration of World Hepatitis Day was observed in various parts of state including at Raga in Kamle district and other 

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